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Since 1999, the mission of BDM Remodeling (BDM Associates, LLC) is to treat all customers with straight forward professional courtesy, honesty, integrity and most of all, heart. While these traits are casually tossed about by others, it is the creed by which we live and do business.

Our team does whatever it takes to provide a superior product and create a seamless transition from old work to new for our customers. We use the best materials, tools and techniques, to produce a better job for you.

I believe that if we can involve, educate, inform and empower our clients, they will have a greater respect, understanding and ownership of the projects. Each member of our team strives to provide superior customer service at every turn and treat each customer as though they were family. Our conviction to that level of service and your satisfaction is paramount. When you call on BDM Remodeling, you expect and get results.

As president of this firm, I direct the construction of each project, providing attention to detail and quality control, as well as complete follow-through with each homeowner. I look forward to working with you to make your design project a reality.

I personally want to thank you for choosing BDM Associates.

Bret D. Mellen
BDM Remodeling (BDM Associates, LLC)


Bret D. Mellen, President/Founder BDM Remodeling (BDM Associates, LLC)

BDM Remodeling (BDM Associates, LLC) was founded by Bret D. Mellen. Born in Washington, DC, Mr. Mellen was raised in Arlington, Virginia. He came to Atlanta in the mid 1980s to pursue an Industrial Design degree at Georgia Tech. As a Dean’s List student, he felt something was missing and moved to Business and Behavioral Science at Oglethorpe University. After graduation, he became immersed in the financial, engineering, manufacturing and service industries, yet always enjoyed completing design and remodeling projects on the side. He soon honed his skills to become the innovative leader of his own company, BDM Associates.

A promising athlete with a strong work ethic, he excelled in multiple sports and took his team philosophy with him into volunteer coaching as well as his business ventures. Often times leading teams of average players to championships, his encouragement and example brings out the best in those around him.

bret_d_mellen_BDM_Residential_Remodeling_Atlanta_HarleyA lover of all things fast, powerful, and mechanical, Mr. Mellen loves restoring classic cars and anything Harley Davidson- related. He has a deep appreciation of antique watches, hand-crafted furniture, the blues, jazz, and old school rock & roll. He is an avid hockey, motor-sports, and professional football fan. When he is not on-site, he is with friends enjoying the action. His success comes from a simple place: he thrives on new challenges, seeing difficult projects through to creative, positive resolution, and watching his clients fall in love with his work.

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"BDM Remodeling renovated our kitchen in Atlanta. Remarkable. Professional. Work was up to the highest standards. The crew is completely trustworthy, and they stand by their work. Additionally we had BDM put in a deck and hardwood floors throughout our house. I would recommend BDM to any and all." Houzz Client, Atlanta, GA
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